"CT Mechanical was one of the best and most reliable subcontractors on the project. It was a pleasure to have them on board."
Dan Chiltern
J.T. Magen & Co., Inc.

Your project can benefit from our experience

The CT Mechanical team has years of in-the-field experience covering a variety of projects. Here are just a few examples of what we've done for other clients.
Uno Soccer Academy High School
5025 S. St. Louis Street, Chicago, IL
Design build of 79,000 square foot, donut shaped building for United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) School in Chicago, Illinois. School was recognized as a winner in the category of project of distinction for new construction.

Completed: September 2013
General Contractor: Wight Construction

O’Hare Airport Terminal 5
11601 W. Touhy, Chicago, IL
Furnish and installation of Mechanical Equipment associated with new food court; including kitchen hoods, makeup air and exhaust systems. The transformation project broke ground in January 2013, and has been gradually giving O’Hare a face-lift to give travelers a glimpse of the “real” Chicago in the departure zone that needs it the most: the International Terminal.

Completed: April 2013
General Contractor: Clune Construction Company

Advocate Christ Medical Center: East Tower Project
4440 W. 95th Street, Oak Lawn, IL
CT Mechanical was an integral part of the build out on 3 floors of the brand new seven-story patient tower including 72 intensive care rooms. CT Mechanical worked side-by-side with their competition to satisfy WBE goals on the project. The overall project consisted of installing 12 new custom fan wall air handling units with supply/return fans, steam to hot water converters, kitchen hood exhaust system, isolation exhaust system, chilled water and steam extended from existing central plant, supply/return air terminals for the 187 patient rooms.

Completed: 2015
General Contractor: The Hill Group

UIC: East Side Energy Performance Contract Project, Buildings 607 & 608
950 S. Halstead St., Chicago
CT Mechanical to remove and install new VAV boxes at approximately 250 locations in an occupied building. The portion of the project is part of a larger scope to reduce the total amount of energy consumption by 20-40%. The University’s specific goals on this project are: Reduce Deferred Maintenance and reduce energy consumption; reduce energy cost; achieve a payback of a maximum of twenty (20) years, reduce greenhouse gas emissions as stated in the UIC Climate Action Plan, and incorporate innovative solutions such as renewable or job training programs.

Estimated Completion: 2015
Mechanical Contractor: Anchor Mechanical

Malcom X College: School of Health Sciences
1900 West Jackson Blvd, Chicago
Build out of all low pressure duct distribution off of nearly 200 VAV boxes for the new 544,000 square foot campus building in Chicago, IL. The construction of this project provides an educational institution that is reflective of the communities they serve by providing economic opportunities for all Chicagoans.

Estimated Completion: 2015-16
Mechanical Contractor: The Hill Group

Confidential Client
Chicago, IL
CT Mechanical provided all the HVAC labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision on an exclusive project. Fanwall Technology was utilized to retrofit an old fan system. Fanwall cells are easier to maneuver by fitting through a doorway and they do not require large cranes or bulky equipment to install. Fanwall Technology supports the LEED® initiative, provides lower energy and maintenance costs and helped the client gain back very valuable real estate within their building. Fanwell cells are stacked and configured to fit the profile of the air tunnel. If one motor fails, the remainder can be sped up to accommodate the airflow requirements. CT Mechanical is on the forefront of the newest technology allowing us to provide you with the best HVAC options.

Completed: 2015
General Contractor: Executive Construction Incorporated